Bridals are a trend that have been incorporated into the wedding “must-haves” for quite some time now… and for good reason. First of all, it allows you to show off your amazing wedding dress for years to come. Second of all, it gives you the chance to wear the most expensive piece of clothing you will probably ever buy more than once. We love it when a bride brings in a big 16×20 of pure fabulousness.

Something that has recently become more popular, however, is groomals, where the bride and the groom both pose for pictures together before the wedding day. In the past, this has been out-of-the-question for most brides, due to the tradition that the bride does not want the groom to see her in her dress before the wedding day. But with the dawn of the 21st century well behind us, we will be seeing many of our traditions changing, and beginning new ones of our own! Groomals are a new institution that we love.

If you are a bride that has already booked at The Canterbury Events Center, you can bring your photographer to come and take your bridals or groomals here free of charge! Call to schedule an appointment with your wedding planner. If you have not booked with us, but are looking for a great location to shoot, the use of our facilities is yours for $35.