We enjoyed the low-stress! It was so nice to not have to worry about setting-up and cleaning up for the luncheon. My husband and I, along with our guests, were able to enjoy each others company in a beautiful setting. I also appreciated the professionalism and helpfulness of the staff—very accommodating. I also was very happy that Canterbury Place let me deviate from the offerings on the dessert menu and serve raspberry sherbet. So good! The event turned out better than I was hoping for!

— Samantha
I loved the one stop shopping! We had the luncheon and the reception at Canterbury. In between event everyone just hung out and played games, visited and pampered themselves. The Canterbury staff was excellent. They were on top of everything but did not drive us nuts by interfering. Loved that when it was over we packed up the gifts and went home and did not have to clean up, etc. It was a perfect night!

— Kathy
My groom and I arrived later than we had planned to the luncheon, yet our guests were happily waiting and had been well assured by The Canterbury Staff that the tardiness was a normal expectation for weddings and in time we would arrive. The service was excellent and the food not only good, but served in thoughtful proportions for a luncheon. The atmosphere of the room was also nice.

— Rodeback
I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our day at the Canterbury Place. Everything was top notch and exceeded our expectations! Our hostess went out of her way to be helpful and kind. Everything came together without a hitch! The food and service was exceptional. There are several who want the recipes! All-in-all it was a beautiful day and I would recommend you to anyone! Your expertise in coordinating everything from beginning to end was exceptional! Thank you for creating such a beautiful day for our family!

— Mary
You exceeded our expectations greatly. Your staff did a wonderful job! The locale is beautiful, the staff excellent, and the food was superb.

— Nansi
The day was perfect! The place looked beautiful. Everything was set up & arranged as we wanted. The staff and my host for the night did an amazing job & went above and beyond. I loved having my wedding here & Elysha was so helpful as was the owners and staff. I can't begin to say how thankful we are & everyone loved the place!

— Ryan
The Canterbury Place is beautiful! Thank you all for an amazing wedding! Everyone had a blast and we got so many good compliments about the staff and facilities. I loved how nice everything was! I loved the organization and how nothing was out of place. We had the best time at our wedding! Everything was perfect! Elysha was a huge help!

— Shawnee
I have been mentally planning my wedding for about the last 10 years and long before I met my husband. I had such a visual of how everything needed to be and the colors, music, flowers, atmosphere, etc. I could never in my wildest dreams imagine how well and beautifully it would all come together! I couldn’t begin to express my gratitude for you and for the staff at Canterbury. Every single thing was perfect. Every flower, every detail, every decoration, the food, the cake… I could go on and on. Thank You Thank You Thank You for making our wedding day amazing, spectacular and the most beautiful day I have every experienced!

— Jodi
The Canterbury Place was a delightful place to have my son’s wedding luncheon. We were so grateful to simply show up and have everything ready. We could enjoy being with out guests without having to worry. They it was great to just leave when we were finished without having to cleanup. We were pleased with the professionalism and kindness of your staff. The facility was clean and beautiful, and the food was delicious and very artistically presented. We were impressed with your service from the very first phone call!

— Lisa
I want to thank you personally as well as all the staff that helped that day. My wedding day could not have been more perfect, the help, the building, everything was so amazing. You truly love what you do there.  You can tell with how helpful and happy your staff is. Thanks again for making our wedding day magical!

— Hayley
Thank you for listening, caring and organizing every detail to meet our expectations and more. My goal was to enjoy my daughter and to be there for her on her special day. It was truly amazing how wonderful and stress-free this wedding was and I owe that all to you! She even text me right after the reception to say “Everything was perfect!!”

— Michelle
It was wonderful having the lunch, wedding, and reception all in one location. The guests really enjoyed the food at lunch and the dessert buffet at the reception. Elysha was extremely pleasant and helped during the planning phase. The flowers were amazing, the decorations were lovely and the outside wedding area was delightful. The bride and groom and our guests really enjoyed the whole event. We were very pleased with the whole experience!

— LeAnn