One of the best parts of planning weddings is making an already beautiful building fabulous! We have incredible high ceilings that make the room feel open and give a sense of grandeur. But another perk of having such high ceilings is that it opens up the realms of décor! We have some fabulous decorations that we can hang from our ceiling to give you event just the right feel.


If you’re going for elegance, swags are the perfect way to get it. The soft sweep of organza encompasses the room and twinkles with white lights, creating a romantic and intimate feel.

Chinese Lanterns

For a more whimsical, fun look, we can hang Chinese lanterns! This adds a very fun pop of your colors to the room. You can also mix in pomanders or tissue poms with the Chinese lanterns to add variety.


We have recently added poms to our décor options! They will be débuted for the first time at an event in just a few weeks. Pictures to come!

Whimsical and fun meets romantic and elegant when you combine the two! We adore seeing Chinese lanterns paired with the swags. It truly makes for an unforgettable look.

Does one of these looks fit you perfectly? Talk to your wedding planner about how to make it happen!

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