At The Canterbury Events Center, we’ve noticed that groom’s cakes are gaining popularity. Then, we realized we didn’t know where the groom’s cake tradition started! So we decided to do a little research. Here is what we found out:

Where the custom of the groom’s cake started is a little unclear, but many believe it may date back to early Rome. Traditionally, the cake would be broken over the head of the bride. The cake and crumbs would fall all over the floor, and the guests would scramble to eat it.

Another theory dates back to the South in the nineteenth century. The groom’s cake was intended to be a wedding favor. Customarily, it was a fruit cake. Pieces of cake would be boxed up and taken home with the guests. Single female guests were to put it underneath their pillows when they went to bed that night. This would supposedly make them dream of their future husbands.

Generally, groom’s cakes depict one of the groom’s hobbies, favorite sports, interests, or colleges. Many times the groom’s cake will be a surprise from the bride that he will see on his wedding day or at his rehearsal dinner.

Where ever the groom’s cake tradition may have started, we love it! It’s a fabulous way to give your groom something special, a great way to incorporate his personality, and an opportunity to do something a little more fun and funky than you might do with your own wedding cake. Talk to your wedding planner about how you can surprise your groom with a cake!

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