One of the biggest decisions you will make on your wedding day is what dress to get! A dress can be very tricky, because all though there may be certain styles that you love, it may not necessarily be the most flattering for your body type. Here are some tips to consider while looking for you wedding dress.

  • Pear Shaped Brides. An A-line skirt that gradually flares out will help you to appear to your best advantage. Your dress should highlight your mid-section and flow away from your hips and thighs. A ball gown can also work for this body type. As for the upper body, spaghetti straps and a V neckline will help to accentuate a slender upper body. Avoid slim silhouettes or heavy ornamentation in the hip area, as well as sheath gowns.
  • Busty. Scoop and square enhance the “bustiness”. Corsets can work wonders with helping to slenderize the upper body. Also, find a dress with far-apart straps. You may need to avoid strapless as this could cause some bulging. Avoid cinched waists and empire styles.
  • Plus-Sized. An empire waisted dress is going to be ideal (skirt begins under the bust and flares out gradually until floor length). Make sure the seam does not lay ON the bust; it must be underneath. You don’t want the fabric of your dress to be TOO loose, because this could actually add pounds. Thus, you should avoid fabrics that are too flowy.
  • Apple Shaped. A dress that cinches the smallest point of the waist line and then an a-line skirt looks great on this body type. The dress should have a lot of texture and fit snugly so that it acts like a corset. Dropped V waist dresses can also be very flattering. On the bodice, go for a deep V neckline so that you have a vertical rather than horizontal look. Avoid mermaid style, heavy materials, clinging materials, or bold patterns. Vertical beading cane help to elongate the body.
  • Hour Glass Shape. Two piece and corset dresses are fabulous! Girls with an hour glass shape can also pull off ball gowns. Accentuate your waist! Do not put too much detail in the bodice or skirt, as this will make you appear heavy.
  • Petite. Do not use ball gowns or mermaid dresses, as these can overwhelm you. You want it to be clean, without too much fabric. Seams or appliqu├ęs that run the length of the dress will help give the illusion of height, whereas a dropped waist will make you look even shorter.
  • Broad Shouldered. Stay away from halter and off the shoulder necklines. These accentuate the shoulders. Go for strapless dresses with scoop or V necklines.
  • Fuller Arms. Off-the-shoulder straps can help to hide the problem area. A three quarter length or long sleeve can elongate the arm. Avoid tightness as all costs!
  • Stick figures. Avoid high waist lines! Ornamentation on both the upper and lower body will help provide balance.

    So… who can do mermaid?

    If you’ve been working out and have a great shape and want to show off your body, then you can pull of the mermaid. Especially if you have really small hips. Bear in mind, this is an unforgiving style and will accentuate rather than hide problem areas. If you are petite, thick or short waisted, or pear shaped, this is probably not the best style for you.

    Make sure you take some friends and family members (especially ones that will be honest!) shopping with you. When I went wedding dress shopping, I gave my friends these strict instructions: “No matter how much I love a dress, you HAVE to tell me if it just doesn’t look good on me.” On your wedding day, you don’t just want a beautiful dress; you want a dress that will make YOU appear to your best advantage. The wedding dress is just like a frame that highlights a gorgeous painting. Above all, don’t get too stressed out! Wedding dress shopping should be fun! Happy hunting!