Featured Wedding: Mackenzie + Jason

September has arrived! With the leaves changing comes some of my favorite weddings of the year, one being the perfectly chic wedding of Mackenzie and Jason last fall. I loved everything about their wedding… from their soft color palate of pastel blues, peaches, pink and grey,  their unique setup of wedding favors, their individual mini cakes on every table, a ice cream cart for dessert out in the courtyard, DIY photobooth with accessories and a delicious array of hot and cold food items for their guests to eat (I will say it time and time again… I believe guests remember what they eat)! Mackenzie and Jason were as sweet as can be and had such great taste in everything they chose which I felt perfectly represented their darling personalities. Working with couples like this truly makes me love my job!

Featured Wedding: Tracy + Nick

August is almost over so yet another busy summer comes to an end. I love August weddings for so many reasons and I can’t help but to show off one of my favorite August weddings held here a few years ago for Tracy & Nick. Tracy went above and beyond in putting love into the details and it showed! Her colors were purples and Black and we added chinese lanterns on everything (and I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!). Check out the amazing Guitar Hero groom’s cake! And don’t even get me started on how much I loved her florals done by our ever so talented in house florist Stacie with La Belle Fleur. Seeing it all come together so perfectly is always such a treat for me and even better is watching the couple as they get to sit back and enjoy their beautiful special day!!

Real Wedding: Maria + Mark

August is approaching fast and it makes me reflect on one of my favorite August weddings… the wedding of Maria & Mark. The couple was from out of state so alot of the planning was done via telephone and email but they each had such a good eye for design, I knew with each choice they made that it would turn out amazing! Their color scheme was pear green with touches of gold/yellows. Very refreshing! The thing I loved the most? The groom totally took care of his bride. He wanted to make sure everything was as stress free on her so ended up making alot of decisions on the wedding, helped her get ready, and as you can tell in these pictures, his love for her just shined on his face when he saw her walk down that isle towards him. It’s moments like this that I will never forget and truly makes me love my job!!

Featured Wedding: LeeAnn + Brad

Spring is finally here (and so is the spring rain, haha) which has made me reflect on a some past spring weddings, one being the amazing wedding of LeeAnn and Brad who had their wedding Luncheon and Reception here at The Canterbury Events Center just a few years ago. They were such an adorable couple and SO much fun to plan with! She chose the colors Red and Black which typically aren’t “Spring” colors but it just goes to show that you can pick the colors you love regardless of the time of year! Thanks to Lyndsay Jane Photography who did an amazing job capturing the details of their special day and sharing the pictures with us. I think the “love” is in the details and I feel extra lucky I get to plan these details with many of my brides. From color palletes, flowers arrangements, centerpieces, wedding favors… I love planning it all! The wedding day can go by so fast so I am a big believer that brides should “enjoy the journey” of planning. It’s a once in a lifetime experience!! Enjoy…

Add a Splash of Style with Chair Sashes

With weddings, it’s the small details that make all the difference. Even the chairs that you have for your guests can bring a lot to the room. At The Canterbury Events Center, we have beautiful Chivari chairs, and we love them for their versatility. They look beautiful on their own, but we adore adding a chair sash! The sashes help weave your colors all through-out the room, and provide a sense of flow and cohesiveness. And the best part is…there are so many ways to tie them! Every bride can pick a way that fits her personality best and sets the tone that she wants for her event.

Why the Canterbury Place is Different

Utah is known for being a wedding hotspot. When your big day comes, you will have dozens of wedding reception centers to choose from. You will probably go on several tours and then sit down and compare what you like about one reception center versus another. So we’ll try and save you a little bit of time by telling you now why we’re different.

What You Should Know Before Your Wedding Cake Consult

Cake might seem like one of the simplest decisions when it comes to a wedding, but in reality, there is more to picking a cake than you’d expect. So, before you go to the consult where you’ll select the cake that will be intensely photographed, a focal of your décor, and the center of one of the oldest wedding traditions (no pressure), here are a few tips to help you prepare for this big decision.

What makes The Canterbury Events Center Unique?

  1. We have 2 large rooms that can hold large amounts of people at once and this offers many options for setup and floor plans.
  2. Our vaulted ceilings add a feeling of grandeur and we can hang all sorts of unique and fun things from our grid
  3. We are a one-stop-shop! We offer all inclusive packages which saves people a lot of time & money!
  4. Our options on décor are endless! We have many options on linens, a handful of nice centerpieces that we can get creative with, & we design the layouts with the bride so she can have exactly what she wants!
  5. We have an amazing team! Each of our vendors do amazing work and take the wedding business very seriously! Plus, we all work together so everything coordinates and runs smoothly!
  6. Bride’s get a personal wedding consultant who takes care of all the details of their wedding and helps with ideas and planning, plus they also get a hostess who makes sure their night runs smoothly.
  7. Our food display is unique in presentation, plus tastes delicious! It is a FULL display of food and is a beautiful focal point in the room.
  8. TCP has a perfect blend of old fashion charm mixed with an updated modern feel. Our building has a rich history but the remodel has modernized the building in a way that makes it feel more current.
  9. We have great chavarri chairs which are classy on their own or you can pull your colors into the room easily with sashes, etc.
  10. We have a great indoor setup for ceremonies which offers a nice backup plan for inclement weather. This helps relieve the bride.

20 Words to Describe the Reception Center

  1. Pleasant
  2. Exceptional
  3. Convenient
  4. Classy
  5. Exquisite
  6. Helpful
  7. Efficient
  8. Trendy (we keep up with wedding trends)
  9. Original
  10. Inspired
  11. Traditional
  12. Spacious
  13. Darling
  14. Neutral
  15. Welcoming
  16. Warm
  17. Posh
  18. Extravagant
  19. Gorgeous
  20. Enthusiastic