Your’re Engaged – Now What?

When you first get engaged, it’s one of the happiest, most-fulfilling moments you’ll ever experience. This moment, however, also marks the beginning of one of the busiest times in your life! From the minute you say “yes,” you will be presented with hundreds of decisions, all of which will determine whether or not you achieve your perfect wedding day. “Where do I begin?” can be an overwhelming thought. Here are a few recommendations of things to do when you first get engaged:

  • Decide on your personal style. Funky? Elegant? Trendy? Classic? Knowing the “feel” of your wedding will help you eliminate all the things that don’t mesh with your personal style, and will allow you to zero in on what fits.
  • Pick your colors! You can’t make many decisions until you know this fundamental aspect. If you’re not one of those girls that has known her colors since she was 5, then take advantage of wedding blogs! See what jumps out at you, and recruit friends and family to give their opinion on what goes with your personality.
  • Make a list of what is most important to you (i.e. the flowers, the cake, the d├ęcor, etc.). This is especially important if you are on a budget, because it will help you to know where to put your money.
  • Take advantage of Utah bridal fairs, especially if you are not sure what you like or want! Bridal fairs give you the opportunity to look at different set-ups and color schemes. They also allow you to get contact information for different vendors (i.e. the videographer, dress shops, and more). If you see something you love, you can talk to your wedding planner about making it happen!
  • Start gathering addresses for your wedding invitations! Most brides will be surprised at how long it takes to gather the addresses of all your friends, family, your parent’s friends, and those people you haven’t spoken to in years, but still feel obligated to invite.

These are all important, but the best piece of advice I was given when I got engaged was to enjoy this time! It’s incredibly easy to get stressed and overwhelmed, but don’t let yourself! Enjoy this singular time in your life, and learn to love making every decision that leads to your perfect day. Let the little things go, and have fun with everything else.