Featured Wedding: Jenna + Addison

Every once in a while a wedding comes along that is so thought out, unique and special it will never be forgotten in Canterbury History… and this is definitely one of those weddings! Every detail was carefully planned by the couple and I couldn’t have been happier with how it all turned out!

To give you an inside scoop about how the couple met….
Addison and Jenna met on their missions in Birmingham, Alabama. They served in the same area for 6 months and became really good friends. She got home a month after he did and then her mom invited him to her homecoming on Facebook (don’t you love the new erra of realtionships stemming from Facebook? It’s amazing). He luckily showed up and the rest is history!

Featured Wedding: Lisa + Rob

April is almost here and I am getting excited as I see all the tulips and flowers starting to bloom in our garden here at The Canterbury Events Center! I am getting so excited for the spring and summer months (wedding season is soon upon us!), so I thought it would be a perfect time for me to show off an amazing wedding we hosted here last April for an equally amazing couple Rob and Lisa! Like many couples these days, they lived out of town so most of the planning was done via email and phone conversations. This can sometimes add an extra challenge, but their wedding proves that with a great team, you can plan a gorgeous wedding and still have fun doing it! I think Lisa says it best… “I wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience we had at Canterbury Place. Planning a wedding from out of state – while fun – was pretty stressful, but you made it easy. Everything was absolutely beautiful and our friends said they have never been to a more fun and stunning wedding. Please tell everyone there thank you for making our day so special!” I had such so much FUN planning with Lisa (plus I have to mention how incredibly organized she was) so hearing her words is like icing on the cake! Speaking of cake, make sure to check out their incredible wedding cake made by Julie Hill with Layers (possibly one of my favorites of all time)….

2012 Bridal Fair Pics

For all of you who missed out on the bridal fair this year, here are some Pictures to show it off! I went with a “Rustic Elegant” theme using “woodsy” elements including branches and wood stumps and I used copper, mossy green, peaches and ivory colors for the color scheme. It turned out feeling very warm and elegant! RSVP rentals let us show off their amazing wood table which we decorated as a Mock for a set dinner and we alos had the idea to hang branches from our cake arch and grid with lanterns. I couldn’t have been happier at how it all turned out! The florals were done by our ALWAYS amazing in house florist Stacie with La Belle Fleur and the cake was done by Kim with Dreamy Cakes. I also want to give a shout out to one of our new preffered Photographers Chad with Faces for these amazing pictures he shared.

A Woodland Wedding

Woodland BrideI can’t help but to show off an AMAZING photo shoot designed by one of our preffered vendors Polka Dots & Daisies and one of our past Florists Amanda with Branches Floral. They were featured in a national blog, and I can see why… the pictures are absolutely breathtaking!! I love the theme and feel to all of this. To view all the pictures from this photo shoot click on this link…

Wedding Song Blog

One of the most common questions I receive as a Utah wedding planner is what music to use for a ceremony? My first answer to this is to choose music that is special to you as a couple because this is what makes your day memorable. Music sets the tone and mood for your wedding ceremony and allows you to express your feelings for each other so don’t be afraid to be creative. But if narrowing down the selection is still posing a challenge, here are some suggestions for you:

Wedding Planning Timeline

When you are planning your wedding day, there are lots of things to consider as far as the timeline goes. Every Utah bride has a list of the things she wants to do, including the traditions like cutting the cake, the first dance, etc. Brides are often at a loss, however, as to when they should do what! So here are some recommendations based on our experience here at The Canterbury Events Center:

Wedding Registry 101

Registries are no longer about china patterns and gravy boats. More and more couples are throwing expectations to the wind and are registering with retailers that reflect their lifestyle more than their Tupperware drawer. While it’s your big day, it’s important to consider your guests while putting together your gift registry. Here are some registry ideas and common registry etiquette to help you along the way.

Wedding Dresses to Fit Your Body Type

One of the biggest decisions you will make on your wedding day is what dress to get! A dress can be very tricky, because all though there may be certain styles that you love, it may not necessarily be the most flattering for your body type. Here are some tips to consider while looking for you wedding dress.

Top Wedding Day Tips

  1. Plan appointments out well. Be generous in the amount of time you give yourself to get from place to place. Delays happen, and if you gave yourself wiggle room to begin with, it won’t be a problem when they come up.
  2. Pack a little emergency bag the night before: bobby pins, sewing kits, hairspray, touch-up make-up, more comfortable shoes in case your heels start to kill you… That way, if any glitches pop up, you’ll be good to go.
  3. Don’t be afraid to recruit family members’ and friends’ help! You can assign several different people things to remember so no one has too much on their plates. That’s what maids of honor and bridesmaids are for!
  4. Make sure you have something to eat before the reception! There is a good chance that you won’t be able to eat for awhile.
  5. Make sure you take the time to eat something at your reception! You’ve been planning and talking about this food for months, and you deserve to have some! If you absolutely don’t have time, have a family member or the caterers make up a box that you can take with you.
  6. Make sure you set aside plenty of time to take pictures. These are what will stay with you forever, and you will never regret the extra time you allotted to take them.
  7. Put your honeymoon luggage in the trunk of your getaway car the night before so you won’t even have to think about it the next day! If you are making your getaway in a limo or a rented car, then assign a family member to be in charge of the luggage.
  8. Don’t sweat the small stuff. A wedding is a huge event, and there’s bound to be a glitch somewhere. So if you’re brother gets caught in traffic and you have to hold up the ceremony or you get a grass stain on your dress while taking the pictures- just let it go. You want your wedding day to be the happiest, most memorable day of your life and the way to do that is by relaxing, having fun, and not sweating the small stuff.